A unique space of learning

Our priority is for you to live the expierence of communication in the street, interacting with the city and discovering a dynamic Madrid, very far from the touristical stereotypes. But despite all of this, the classroom will continue to be an essential environement in the learning process.


Our clases are developed in the multifunction areas of the Madrid ImpactHub, a co-working space, an international community of entrepreneurs and social innovators that is already one of the principal meeting places in the capital of creative people that wages for the social change and sostenibility.


An ideal place to develop the technique of learning that Las Malas Lenguas proposes. The ImpactHub is a lively space and an essential axis to the process of social, cultural, and empresarial transformation that Madrid is experimenting with. We want to be a part of this phenomenon and invite you to experiment with us while you experience this privileged atmosphere of change. If you want to know something more about the ImpactHub, which is the classroom and ¨headquarters¨of Las Malas Lenguas, take a look here.


The ImpactHub space offers us a great versatility and multitude of possiblities, that we take advantage of and use in the design of our activities and sessions. Diverse spaces, meeting places, classrooms with all of the conforts and a nice and informal environment. It is also situated in one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Madrid, the Barrio de las Letras, just a few steps away from two very interesting areas: Medialab-Prado and the cultural center CaixaForum. In conclusion, it is a perfect place to learn and inspires exploring innumerous projects and initiatives that have been developed in the last few years in the deep heart of Madrid.