What we offer

Las Malas Lenguas we believe that learning a language is a complete communication and immersion that is happening here and now. That’s why we want you to know the real Madrid , that you communicate and live in it with us. Sharing our experiences and using the resources you have inside you.

We want you to learn in an agreeable and stimulating environment, reduced groups, with various professors at the same time, in order for your learning experience to be enriched with exchange and diversity, and that you are pushed to develop all your potencial and confront your concerns.


We think that language is a living thing, in continuous transformation, and thats why we don’t teach from books. Instead we create our own materials and we constantly acutalize them so that you get to know spanish and the cultural, political, and social universe in real time, combining the classroom with the street.

For us the language includes everything that you can imagine, (verbal, gestual, cultural, social…) and everything that you would like to contribute. Our method is to create and design the classes with you.

Discover a new way of learning Spanish with Las Malas Lenguas!