Las Malas Lenguas

Las Malas Lenguas say that the classic way of teaching Spanish is history, and that´s why we are here, to offer something new and different. Knowing that what you want to learn is to communicate, that speaking is your first priority, and that you are looking for a language school that offers you something that the others do not.

 We believe that learning a language is only possible by actually using the language, not by imaginary situations, but by going out on the street and living it in first person.

 We are different because we take you out to the market, to the train station, to discuss things with the people of Madrid so that you discover the city in good company, and while doing so, improving your Spanish.

We also have access to a space where we give classes, the Madrid ImpactHub, a meeting space for social innovators where you can meet very interesting people (including us, of course).

We want you to learn the most physical and gestural part of the language, because body language and sounds are fundamental elements of communication in Spain. 

We love Madrid, and we want to transmit you our passion for the city. A city that is alive, in process of transformation and that we can help you feel at home here.

Up to three professors will be with you in each class, because our force is in numbers, and because we believe that this way you can become accustomed to different accents and see your progress in class from different but complementary perspectives. 

The social, political, and culturual reality of Madrid and Spain are very much part of our classes, in and out of the classroom. We want to show you a Madrid that isn´t in the guidebook, a subjective Madrid, that is ours and that we want to be able to share with you.

We are a group of professors with many different backgrounds with education and work experience in art, humanities, and social movements. We will open a window to a cosmopolitan and creative city for you, so that every class will be a unique immersive cultural experience with exclusive and dynamic materials.

We believe that teaching and learning a language is a dynamic process of exchange. In our courses you will not be a passive presence but active, in the classroom and in the streets. Everyone will learn from everyone.