The Team

All the members of Las Malas Lenguas are licensed Spanish proffessors. But what we want to tell you is who each of us really are, where we come from and where we are going. Our pasts and presents, our curiosities, and what we like to do in our free time so you get to know us better.







I´ve had the fortune to dedícate myself proffesionally to my ultimate passion, cinema. Thanks to cinema I´ve understood the importance of working in a group, the care to detail and the necessity to never stop learning. Along with all of this and after learning that with crisis comes the opportunity to reinvent oneself, I began to study music, another of my passions. I like to put myself in the shoes of my students, comprehending from the different ways each person learns and apply it to my teaching style.







Besides having a Masters in Spanish as a Second Language, I am a teacher and anthropologist. I have a passion for the connection between language and culture, after many trips abroad I decided to dedicate myself to language teaching. I have ample experience teaching Spanish to students from many different backgrounds, and I keep my education on linguistical topics. Although I was born in a village in the mountains I like to experience cities, their dark and less used areas. I am attracted to the artistic and cultural manifestations that come from the contradictions of urban life, especially illustration, comics, and printing.










To understand how the world worked I studied political science, to make the world more beautiful I studied Fine Arts, and to get to know the world I have travelled whenever I can. I got stuck in London and Bologna for a while, until I learned their languages and returned to Madrid with the intention to teach my own language. I am moved by the curiosity to learn new things and the challenges of making good ideas a reality. That is why I am happy to be part of Las Malas Lenguas Project as I already believe that to understand a language and make oneself understood opens one more window to the world.




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Cultural anthropologist and historian, I have a lot of expertise as a researcher in interculturality, immigration and racism. I am active in projects and movements of social transformation in different environments: academic, scholarly, critical consumerism, and citizen participation. In the projects that I participate in I attempt to bring a certain sensiblity to the cultural diversity and the different ways of understanding and knowing the world. I love to travel, see new cities, urban life and the way it manifests artitistically and counter-culturally.  










My years of adventure in countries such as France, Scotland, and Argentina were the beginning of my career as a professor. The coordination of international programs, combined with years of experience in teaching language have made me see the importance of ¨teaching-learning¨: from teaching I have learned from the people I have taught. I have a passion for design, fashion, art, and riding bicycles, I try to combine al of them so the activities keep rolling.