In Madrid

There are quite possibly as many visions of Madrid as there are people living in the city. Las Malas Lenguas will bring you close to diferent ways of looking at Madrid that we have; we wouldn’t have it any other way. The different ways of looking at the city will enrich the contents and activities in our classes. Complementary ways of looking at the city, sometimes contradictory, just like life itself. If there is one thing that we all share, it´s that we like Madrid, we practice Madrid, we live the city, we participate actively in many diverse projects, initiatives, and activities. In summary, Las Malas Lenguas will accompany you, we will open doors for you to learn seven different ways to look at Madrid, with one think in common, they will all show you a lively Madrid, a very lively Madrid.



Besides the place, we are also living in a historic momento, and in our opinion, of particular importance. Some voices that are never paid enough attention to are talking about a cultural transition: a world is being toppled, and another is being born. Crisis. A crucial momento that Madrid and all of Spain is living with much intensity.


That´s what we want to talk to you about, the causes of the crisis, the pain of the contestation that it brings with it, of the criticism towards a social model that many think no longer works and of the ideas, propositions, and alternatives that are coming to surface to create a better city to live in. Las Malas Lenguas connect with this world that is being born, and you will see that in our contents, indications, activity proposals inside and outside the class, and in the context in which we explain where we live.

We don´t just talk, we also listen. We are very curious people and want to know your opinions, your experiences, the way you see this country and this historic moment and the way it relates or is different from what is happening in your own contexts of origin.

So, our visions and perspectives, united with yours, will provide the contents and context for your language learning that we can show you in Madrid, a passionate, open and warm city that we continue to make ourselves.