Spanish Courses

 Whichever type of course you choose, Las Malas Lenguas guarantees:

  • An innovative and dynamic methodology where everyone involved in our classes should has fun with them. So making the best out of every moment we spend together is a huge part of what we do.For us it is essential that all participants involved (teachers and students) enjoy each class!
  • An approach based on communicative interaction . We want you to speak with other students, with us and with our special guests: local people in Madrid.
  • Street, street, street, can you think about a better place to learn a language? We will lead you on the adventure of exploring the streets and neighborhoods of Madrid. Together we will get to know interesting projects , meet strangers and discover special places of the city.
  • We design our own contents combining pedagogy with social subjects and cultural topics that focus not only in Madrid but in the entire world.
  • A   team  of proffesional teachers with different profiles and styles eager to help you achieve your goals.
  • Detailed, oriented and personalized attention to each one of your needs. You will even have your own tutor who will follow your evolution through the entire proccess.


We are specialists in adapting to your particular needs, so if you are looking for something different, a custom made bespoke course for any type of group, do not hesitate to contact us!