Crash Courses

Our intensive 40-hour courses are designed for those spending a short time in Madrid and who want to make the most of their stay learning Spanish, exploring the city  and enjoying extra activities on weekends.

These courses include 10 4-hours sessions during 2 consecutive weeks. All of them combine classroom and street lessons where we will practice what you have learned with the people of Madrid.

Our teachers will make sure that the class is as lively as possible: we will discuss interesting and current issues affecting our city in it’s cultural, economical, political and social context.


We will talk a lot, but we will listen more, because we want you to speak, we want to learn from you while you improve your communication skills in Spanish. 

We can also take care of your accommodation, giving you several options. We highly recommend staying in private homes, where you will live with people from Madrid at a great price and with the advantages of a real immersion in Spanish culture. However, if you would like more privacy, accommodation in apartments or hostels in the city center can also be provided.

40 hours Course + Weekend Activities425 €
Immersion Accommodation - Share rental Check prices
Private Accommodation - Apartments, Hotels, Hostels Check prices

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