Regular Courses

These courses are specially designed for those who live in Madrid  and want to improve their communication skills while discovering the city. And not just any city, the city that Las Malas Lenguas has prepared for you.

This 40 hour course is divided into 4-hour sessions. Students can chose between 2 sessions per week, and, for those who have less time during weekdays, a session on Saturday. We work with groups of 4-8 people because we believe this is the ideal number to learn, talk and really get to know each other.


Our classroom is located in a wonderful place, the Impact Hub Madrid, and its surroundings: the impressive neighborhoods of Lavapiés and Las Letras!! No chance of getting bored when you are surrounded by so many stimulating and interesting experiences!

Hours per week
5 weeks course8 hours a week375 €
10 weeks course4 hours a week375 €

Contact us to arrange dates and schedules