In the streets

Our courses are given in Impact Hub Madrid, but our teaching method is based on permanent contact with real situations. We don´t pretend to recreate communicational situations or organizes simulations of real life in the classroom, instead we take you out into the street so you can learn to involve yourself in real communicational situations in Madrid. For us, learning a language is interacting with the people that speak it. Besides that, we believe that the language is invented every day and the best place to keep learning is the city. 

Sandra supervisa alumnos 2

That´s why we close our books for the last hour of class and ¨invade¨ the street. That way, in each session, we take a part of the communication to places in contemporary Madrid such as the San Fernando Market, the Casa Encendida, or the consumers group of Lavapies, for example, where you will have real conversations with real people. .

Transform Madrid into your classroom and forget about simulations!