In the classroom

Las Malas Lenguas is not an ordinary Spanish ¨academy”. It´s much more. It is a unique method and a identity marker. What do we do in the classroom? How do we do things? What makes us different from other academies? We always work in small groups, because we want the classroom to generate a friendly atmosphere from the beginning, and we want to give you all the time that you deserve.

We want you to participate, and not be a passive alumni. We want you to learn grammar of course, but our objective is that you learn how to communicate, so that more formal aspects of the language become a medium, and not the goal. Don´t expect boring grammar lessons in front of your book; we want to offer you experiences, and that´s why our classes in the Impact Hub are centered on practice.



There will always be two or more professors with you in the classroom. We are a team, we work as a team planning the courses and in the classroom, because we want to break the traditional barrier between professor and student, and make the learning experience a process of exchange between students and professors. There are many teachers so that your ear becomes used to different accents and different pronunciations. There are more than one teacher so that you have different voices that talk to you about Madrid and contemporary Spain, that we you can enjoy different and complementary methods of teaching the language.


When you see the ImpactHub you will not want to ever go back to traditional language schools again. The ¨classroom¨is a multifunctional space, and we move with it, taking advantage of all the possibilities it offers. The class is constantly evolving, using the many possibilities that the space provides.

It´s just that, at this point, if you haven´t noticed, it is not our intention that you stay seated while we teach you the preterite perfect of the verb “dormir”. We want you to move, so we offer you practical gestural activities, theatrical exercises, and put into practice the cultural elements of the language.¨How should I act in the line for the bus? How do I act around someone I don´t know?



We also offer you our own learning materials, elaborated by us, texts that speak of the reality of Madrid and Spain and its people, and the changes and social movements that have brought about the crisis, the interculturality of the city, and the mixture of ethnicities, and the current events that have defined us. We design our own classes, our own videos and listening exercises, we decide on texts, songs, movies, with interesting content that facilitates your immersion into the city. No books, no traditional Spanish learning methods.


But we will not only tell you about the city that fascinates us, we will also help you find yourself in the city, because before you start a course with us we want to listen to you, to know your interests, your hobbies, your concerns. We want to know you first, so you can tell us who you are through a questionaire, in order to adapt our classes to your profile and your classmates as much as possible.

So you don´t have any excuses. Are you going to miss this experience? Still think there is a better way to learn Spanish while immersing yourself in the Madrilenian culture?