2014 Summer Crash Courses

Decided to improve your Spanish during your holidays? Las Malas Lenguas has the perfect course for you: in the heart of Madrid, for 2 weeks, 4 hours either in the morning or afternoon, maximum class numbers of 10 students per group, with several teachers working together with you in the class at the same time. We also offer personal tutorials specific to your language needs and ‘out and about’ lessons at the weekend.


Our innovative and hands on method gives you the best of classroom teaching techniques, combined with excursions out and about in Madrid, to practice your learning through both strategic and spontaneous interaction, with both this great city and her inhabitants! The perfect way to kick start and develop your Spanish while getting to really know Madrid.


In our lessons we integrate your needs with what is topical in Madrid at the moment. Socialising in Madrid means socialising with madrileños, the people that make this city what it is. We want you to know what makes us tick! The economic crises, what it means to us and the dangers and the opportunities which lie therein. We guarantee that you will be motivated, involved and that you will take your language skills to a whole other level, through the dynamic and creative approach we take to every one of our classes. You’ll get to know the slang, the gestures, the music of the language while becoming part of the fibre itself of this amazing city. You will realise the life, energy and ever movement of this language through the rhythm of our classes and the doors which will open to you here as a result.


Each day we go out onto the streets of Madrid to practice the language. Charged with tasks and entertaining activities, you will fulfil the most important objective of any language learning process, communication. We visit the most forward thinking community based projects and artistic centres trending in Madrid right now. You will get a unique insight into the various and individually unique ‘barrios‘ or neighbourhoods, getting to know the streets which and people who knit theses communities together. You will meet the entrepreneurs who know this place and what it needs , go shopping and feel the almost tangible vibrancy in streets full of excited fashionistas, try and fall in love with the food, the wine, the passion we bring to dish after dish. You will become part of the story of this city not just a passerby, but a participant in this historical moment we are living.

During the weekend excursions, here at Las Malas Lenguas, we are on the pulse of what is happening in Madrid at any given moment. We organise trips to urban garden gatherings, popular city festivals and relevant conferences….each trip is opportunistic, unique and tailor made.

– New dates for intensive courses are:



Morning: 09:30 – 13:30

Afternoon: 16:00 – 20:00

Price: 425 €. Price includes matriculation, materials and weekend trips

Through contacting us you will be required to complete an online placement test to gauge your level. We’ll be expecting you!